Lafonn bracelet* purchases will now include a complimentary bracelet helper. 💎 Because putting on your favorite bracelet should be easy for everyone!
Complimentary bracelet helper tool with Lafonn bracelet purchases

How it works:

Designed as a convenient aid, the bracelet helper enables effortless self-fastening of bracelets by securely holding one end, allowing users to easily manage even the smallest clasps independently.

Who it helps:
Everyone! The tool is particularly helpful for people who have difficulty manipulating small objects or clasps due to arthritis, limited dexterity, or other hand-related issues.

How to use the bracelet helper:
1. First, open the security lock located at the bottom of the bracelet clasp's cage.
2. Attach the bracelet helper's clip to the end of your bracelet, the end without the clasp.
3. Hold the tool in the hand that the bracelet is going on with the bracelet hanging over your wrist.
4. Use your other hand to bring the bracelet clasp around the clip.
5. Insert the bracelet tongue in the clasp until you hear a click.
6. Close the security lock.

"I created Lafonn with the mission to empower women through beautifully crafted, affordable jewelry - and that includes making it accessible for women of all abilities to wear.

As someone who has been living with rheumatoid arthritis for 20+ years, it is my hope that you will find our bracelet helper as useful as I have."


Molly Wang

Lafonn Founder & CEO

*Qualifying bracelets include non-cuff or non-bangle styles. Bracelet helper will be automatically added to your order at check out at no additional cost.