Healing Courageby Lafonn

Lafonn has created the Healing Courage Collection to symbolize hope and healing through challenging times. The healing courage you seek is within your own heart.

The world is going through profound circumstances, challenging us all to have the strength and courage to
persevere as well as the ability to heal. A global pandemic, hurricanes, floods, fires, drought, and political
upheaval have touched our lives. We each need a reason to move forward and projectthe special qualities within our hearts.

The arch design,
set with stones, represents
strength, support, and rebirth.

The origami-inspired heart
symbolizes hope and healing.

Each gemstone represents a special quality and legend said to help guide you through troubled times.

  • Blue

    blue gemstone
    Lab-grown SAPPHIRE Trust • Fidelity
  • Red

    red gemstone
    Lab-grown ruby LOVE • DEVOTION
  • Clear

    clear gemstone
    Simulated diamond Strength • Purity
  • Green

    green gemstone
    Simulated emerald Rebirth • Prosperity

Each designer necklace features simulated or lab-grown gemstones set in sterling silver heavily plated with gold.